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Mission Statement: Reaching clients expectations through creative thinking and executing those ideas.

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After fifteen years in Graphic Design I have developed a unique package of professional skills including Project Manager, Recruiter, Project and Operations Budget Manager, Art Director and Senior Event Coordinator. Some may consider these titles as drifting from graphic design. I find that these communication and management activities strengthened the effectiveness of my graphic designs and advertising decisions. It also made for quick acceptance of concepts and the latitude to execute.

As demonstrated in my earliest work as Senior Event coordinator to my time at Patriot Mobile I deliver messages with a high ROI. It is time for me to combine my skills with my passion – to support conservative principles. I am ready to dedicate my creativity and messaging skills to conservative think tanks on a per project basis such as for graphic design or as a full-package, Communications Director. 


More than ever, Conservatives need a different way to communicate to be relevant to a younger more diverse audience, to engage donors with fundraising events, and to connect with an audience searching for a port in the storm.


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